Vitality Yoga is a gentle yet invigorating style of classical yoga. My background and experience include almost 20 years of hatha practice as well as training in specialized and therapeutic techniques. Practicing Vitality Yoga mobilizes joints and engages muscles with precision, so you stay strong and fit. My hands-on adjustments optimize your practice, and facilitated stretching increases flexibility with a personal touch. I also show you how to develop your own individual practice and make it part of your regular day for a long, healthy, and active lifespan. Vitality Yoga exhilarates and harmonizes body and mind!



Miss Gina is a knowledgeable Certified Instructor trained in Family Yoga, Thai Yoga, and Strong Posture rehabilitation techniques. She has been practicing yoga since 2000, and teaching people to develop strength and flexibility, improve balance and alignment, and enhance their quality of life since 2010. She also holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Literature and History.